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Satisfaction of our customers is our main goal, supported by complete transparency, clear price strategy and production of high quality go-karts. This is provided by using first-rate technologies and the latest developments experienced during gokart races. IPKarting headquarters and production factories are located in Salizzole, northern Italy.

A worldwide network of dealers permits the final customer to buy its own chassis and to enjoy our premium products such as complete go-karts or high quality spare parts. In order to be always one step ahead in the field, IPKarting is honouring the principles of the Japanese “KAIZEN” philosophy, which means “continuous improvement” in English.

The company is always evolving by means of KANBAN principles for material management and SAP: the latest version of information system. We also keep track of the latest development in the field and engage in this development with several investments. We further continuously train our stuff by their participation in courses and educational programs.


Via Preon 141, Salizzole (VR)
37056, Italy
Tel. +39 0456901065

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